What Makes The Best Womens Golf Clubs?

The golf manufacture Cobra was founded in 1974 and in the early 90s began making specialized Lady Cobra Golf Clubs. Located in Carlsbad, California, Cobra is part of the Acushnet Company that is owned by Fortunate Brands.

Cobra makes all the clubs a lady golfer would need in her bag, drivers and woods, irons and putters, all designed with the specifications to suit women golfers.

What To Consider When Choosing A Club?

It is important to have a proper fitting when choosing the good beginner golf clubs. There are lots of variable that come into play not only height but also the length of your arm. Steel shafts are excellent for those with a powerful swing and low handicappers.

Graphite will often provide a much lighter weight and you’ll likely find that your swing will feel much easier. Many ladies are encouraged to buy graphite shafts rather than steel and although more expensive, are great for the beginner, high handicapper or those ladies that prefer the lightness of graphite.

Cobra make a true graphite shaft and it is good to note that cheaper brands often consist of a mix of graphite and fiberglass which is not as durable as the graphite. Again, when it comes to heads, the harder the head the more forgiving the club will be.

Most ladies choose the more expensive but low weight yet hard titanium. Although stainless steel is cheaper it is also heavier. Alternatively you can instead look out for an alloy which is made from a combination of materials.

There are many combinations using different metals.

Beginners Ladies Sets

When buying your first set of clubs it is not necessary to buy a complete set. Buying a starter or beginners set gets you started whilst you learn the intricacies of the game and learn about different clubs that will suit you. Starting with a 5, 7 and 9 iron, a sand wedge plus a 3, 7 and 9 wood and of course a putter is more than enough to get you started. At a later stage you will need a pitching wedge and may want to add a driver and some other clubs depending on your game.

Mid To Low Handicap Sets

If you play less than a 100 strokes you can be considered a mid handicapper and those who play close to 10 shot over or less would be considered to have a low handicap. When choosing a new set of clubs at this stage there are many things to consider such as what clubs you feel you need, can you get discount sets, would you prefer a used set of expensive clubs rather than new cheaper sets?

Something you’ll want consider when looking for the best womens golf clubs will be things like making sure these clubs fitted especially for you, you should investigate materials and take things like loft and of each club and attention to the lie of clubs when buying a complete set.
Whether you are a complete beginner, mid or low handicapper buying golf clubs is serious business and you can be sure that Lady Cobra Golf Clubs have the clubs you need, be it one, a few or in deed the complete set.
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